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Photo: C Myers, St Nicholas Center

Getting married is one of the most important steps you will ever make in your life. You will be expressing your love and commitment to another person for the rest of your lives and seeking God’s blessing on your future life together. We want to help make the day both meaningful and memorable – so what do you do.

  • Make Contact. If you are thinking of getting married at St Nicholas’ then please make contact with us as early as possible, before you make any other arrangements like fixing dates and booking receptions. Come to church any Sunday at 10.15 am and speak to one of the clergy. Call at the Vicarage Office any Tuesday between 6 and 7 pm. Ring 5362300 to make an appointment.
  • Who can be married at St Nicholas' ? We are bound by the laws of the land, but if one of you lives in this parish then there are no problems. If you are not sure about this then speak to the clergy. If you don’t live in the parish it's still possible but you will need to come to church regularly for at least six months before the service to qualify to be on our electoral roll. We would hope to see you at least once a month. You can also gain residency status by living in the parish for a specified time, at least 15 days. The new Marriage Measure offers the possibility of being married in a church if you can demsontrate specific connections - click on this link to learn more, Marriage Measure .
  • If you have been divorced it may be possible for you to be married at St Nicholas’. As with this and other questions the best thing to do is to come and meet the clergy, but please do this before you make any other firm arrangements.
  • Preparing for the service. We will meet about three months before the service to plan things in detail and to think about what marriage means and your future together.

    To find out more about what the Church of England believes about marriage and see some helpful resources for you to use to plan your service then click on www.cofe.anglican.org/lifeevents/weddings


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