Baptisms (Christenings)

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Baptism is a very important moment in anyone’s life be it a child or an adult. We are welcomed into the worldwide family of the church and begin a journey of faith seeking to follow Jesus in our lives.
If you wish to arrange the baptism of your child or yourself then you need to come to church to make contact with us at St Nicholas’.
Usually our baptism services are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.15 am. These services are specially planned and last about an hour, and we know that many people find these a most enjoyable occasion

  • Arranging a Baptism: To arrange a baptism come to church any Sunday at 10.15 am and speak to the clergy at the end of the service or call at the Vicarage Office on Tuesday between 6 and 7.00 pm. Its best to ring to make an appointment 5362300. If you don’t live in our parish we will need you to speak to your parish priest to confirm there are no objections to the service happening at St Nicholas’.
  • Preparation: As this is an important occasion we will invite you and your godparents to a preparation meeting. This is an informal time together to think about the meaning of baptism and look at the practical details of the service. We also hope that you will join us on a Sunday in church before the service so that we can meet you and make you feel at home.
  • How many people can I invite to the service? There may be two children being baptised at the same service. St Nicholas’ is not a big church so if we are to fit everyone in then we would ask you not to invite more than 40 guests to the service, otherwise we’ll simply run out of seats!
  • Keeping in touch: We will invite you to various events for children after your baptism, like Messy Church and the Teddy Bears Picnic, so please come along so that we can encourage you and your children in the Christian Faith.

    If you have any further questions please ring
    0191 5362300.

    To find out more about what the Church of England believes about baptism and the service then click on Church of England Baptisms



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